PASS For Disabled Adults

PASS is a saving program that is approved by the Social Security Admininstration.









PASS savings is not touched by the SSI reporting system, as far as deducting from your monthly SSI payment. This program is for people who want save up money for business or similar financial investment or asset at a fast rate.

  • A PASS can include supplies to start a business, school expenses, equipment and tools, transportation, uniforms and other items or services you need to reach your employment goal.
  • The applicant finds out how much these items and services will cost.
  • PASS can help the participant save to pay these costs. PASS lets persons with disabling conditions set aside money for purchases, installment payments and down payments for things like a vehicle, wheelchair, or a computer if needed to reach their work goal.

The maximum asset for the PASS account that is approved by the Social Social Security is $2,000. You really cannot go beyond $2,000, otherwise SSA would think you are exploiting.

You will need to visit and call the toll free number of the PASS Cadre department. Application and instructions about setting up a strategic business plan are a must.

The application for the PASS is located in the link below.

Print and fill it out then hand deliver to a PASS department that can take your case along with the plan.

If there is a specific tool or item that you need for your work that is worth over $2,000, you would have to apply for PESS  (Property Essential to Self-Support). You are reporting to the SSA for the inventory that you are buying that you will be using for the job. (Business and trade is NOT included)

For business and trade earning, you can apply for a SGA status. (An approved SGA program that allows you to make money from self-employment and earn SSI at the same time).

The “Ticket to Work Program” is a no brainer job searching training. This is not for everyone. There are people that are independent and determined to find a job, but that doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to get a job from this program. Therefore, if you know how to find a job on your own, it would be a waste of time to go through this program.

PASS Cadres Location & Contact Information Link


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