Apps To Help Keep You Safe

There are many apps designed to help keep you safe when you’re out alone.

Here Are A Few Apps Designed Specifically With Your Safety In Mind


Circle Of 6 and  OnWatch can share your current location with loved ones.
bSafe can ping your emergency contacts with one touch, and record video and audio as evidence if needed and Nirbhaya lets you alert your contacts just by shaking your phone.

You absolutely have to check out Kitestring , it’s a mobile web app, which makes it accessible to people on all types of phones and phone service. The set-up process is fast and simple because the app isn’t cluttered with too many features.

The best attribute is that it doesn’t require the user to send the alerts! This is so important because if there’s an incident, you might be separated from your phone. Worse yet, maybe in the presence of someone you consider a threat and intimidated to the point that you cannot just pull out your phone to contact help!

You are probably thinking, the ONE time I don’t respond to the safety text, my mom is going to freak out, but obviously it’s worth that risk. But that false positive from Kitestring is better than no one realizing you’re gone until it’s too late to track you down. Knowing about all of the craziness going on in the world, it’s better to be safe than sorry, just in case the worst-case scenario ever does occur.

To get it going, you have to sign up and register your details on Kitestring’s website.

Perfect for blind dates or online arranged meet-ups, walking home at night, or feeling safe in any precarious or potentially dangerous situation, Kitestring is the “virtual mom” you’ve always needed!

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